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About us

GNR currently manages a portfolio of 800 units totaling 700,000 rentable square feet, oversees the construction of approximately 80 units at any given time, and regularly acquires new assets to maintain a pipeline of 180 units in different stages of development.

The group's daily operations include working with all the relevant stakeholders: tenants, city officials, federal government officials, contractors, suppliers – and, of course, providing for all its investors’ needs. 

GNR Group’s US offices are located in Philadelphia's Art Museum neighborhood which is in close proximity to its assets – 4-5 miles from its furthest asset – and provides the company with the ability to closely monitor and handle its property.  The Group’s companies employ 50 people – all under one roof and with the support of its experienced management team – working in unison and fully integrated in the management of its projects and daily operations. 


Rentable square feet





GNR Group is comprised of several companies:


The holding company and managing partner (GP)


Responsible for the properties ongoing management


Responsible for renovation and construction


Responsible for investor relations and reporting


Potential Sectors


GNR Group continues to be dominant in other real estate segments and is constantly searching for additional opportunities in the following sectors


Multi-Family Residential complex:

Multi Family is a classification of housing, where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex.

GNR Group researches, locates and acquires distressed multifamily properties that are offered below market value in targeted areas. The properties go through an extensive improvement & upgrading. GNR Property Management then leases and manages them on a continuous basis.


Overview:  GNR has purchased a 42 unit distressed multi-family back in 2013; The property has gone through extensive renovation including turning 21 garage units into new luxury living apartments designated for handicaps, bringing the total amount of units to 63. Construction and renovation was completed in the beginning of 2016. All the units are fully leased, producing an annual rental income of $700K.

Student Housing:

GNR locates and acquires distressed multi family or single-family properties in areas surrounding major universities in the Metro Philadelphia area (Temple, Drexel and Pennsylvania Universities).

GNR improves and upgrades, leases and manages these properties which are designated for students attending these universities. These assets are in great demand as the number of students attending these universities has grown extensively in the last decade.

o   1745 West Diamond StreeT

Overview: 1745 Diamond is an 8 unit multi-family property located in the Temple University campus neighborhood. GNR has acquired the building back in 2008. The property has gone through an extensive renovation and was turned into a modern 8 unit student apartment complex. Construction and renovation was completed in 2009. All the units are rented to Temple University students and producing annual rental income of $100K.

New construction and Development:

GNR is constantly searching for new opportunities in the Philadelphia downtown area whereas it is locating, acquiring and developing residential properties over empty lots or old and distressed buildings. GNR acquires, plans and develops the property. The luxury living apartments are then sold in the open market.

o   1530 S 4th street

Overview: 1530 S 4th street is another successful new development project where an empty lot in the popular Dickinson Narrows Neighborhood in South Philadelphia downtown area, was acquired by GNR in the end of 2014 and has been developed  to a new luxury townhouse. Construction has been completed in the 1st quarter of 2016 and has been sold in the open market on the 2nd quarter of 2016 for $400K providing it's investors with a 33% ROI.