Business Opportunity


Our proven ability to manage the process of acquiring, developing and than manage the clusters of hundreds of single family residents, is the secret of our success.     



Our unique model is the best offering to-date with respect to both the investors’ needs, market opportunities and unique exit strategy.


The real opportunity lays in the success of combining two important elements: the R/E properties and excellent management skills. 
GNR’s management companies are unique. They specialize in single-family residences (SFR), unlike other traditional companies that usually focus on large multi family properties. At today’s market, multi-family usually trades at anything between 4.5% -6.5% cap rate, while SFRs developed by GNR reach over 9%.

Our single to multi strategy depends on our ability to screen the best high yielding SFRs in the best strategic geographic locations, one by one, manage multi construction sites, and upon its completion rent out the units and manage the ongoing operation, and most importantly - obtain financing.


Based on those appraisal reports we then obtain competitive financing at 75% loan to value, which demonstrates the immediate value add to the properties. The leveraged properties than yields 15-20% (and more) annually over the years generating strong cash flow.