Merav 3


GNR Merav 3, LLC (M3), is the 3rd private fund that was established by the GNR Group to invest in residential real estate assets in the city of Philadelphia, PA, USA. 
M3 is  utilizing the demonstrated ability of its principals by acquiring and holding a portfolio of hundreds of high-yielding single-family residential units.


M3 is operating in the Philadelphia real estate market in the Single Family Residential sector, according to its unique ‘Single – To - Multi’ strategy which was developed by the GNR Group. M3 is allowing its investors to benefit from high potential opportunities in the American real estate market by offering several investment options which fit foreign and domestic investors’ tax-related needs.

At the core of this strategy lays the ability to acquire, renovate, populate and manage clusters of hundreds of residential units comprised of SFRs (single-family-residential). These Assets present High Yielding – unfulfilled potential created by the latest real estate crisis in the United States – a market that still suffers from lack of opportunity in the multi-family sector.

GNR Group’s unique advantages rely on its ability to gather housing clusters comprised of single-family units located in close proximity to Philadelphia’s downtown area. Acquiring these properties at prices that are significantly lower than their market value guarantees M3's success.

These assets, accumulated over the last several years, are already stabilized and occupied by tenants who receive subsidized housing support from the federal government. The combined federal and tenant rents are typically above market and produce double digit yields which support the fund's unique 'Single to Multi' business model.   



Geographical Focus

US Real Estate assets specifically located in Philadelphia, PA, with a focus on the highest Growth Rate neighborhoods located within five mile proximity of the city's downtown.


Business strategy

- Acquire and assemble a portfolio of distressed, single-family assets, at prices significantly below market value, as either single units or in clusters.  These assets represent the opportunity presented by a segment of the real estate market still recovering from sub-prime mortgage crisis.

- Reposition these assets over a one year period by completely redeveloping each asset prior to re-releasing into the Philadelphia rental market.

- Market these assets for rent to government-subsidized tenants ,thereby drastically reducing risk and achieving rents that are higher than market rates.

- Receive funding from financial institutions to leverage the portfolio and thereby maximize its performance and generate double digit returns throughout the Fund’s life span.